2023 Capstone Winning Projects

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Congratulations to the Winning Teams!

Every year educators tour some of the biggest manufacturers and industries in the Tri-County region. Educators then create capstone projects from what they have learned to integrate STEM directly into the classroom. Below are the Champions of the 2023 Tri-County STEMersion Institute. Learn about the winning projects and download the project materials to create a hands-on experience for your classroom. Each project is customizable, making it applicable across multiple grade levels and disciplines. Click below to bring industries such as Volvo, W International, SC Port Authority, Kion, and Bosch into your classroom today!

Learn About the Winning Projects and Download the Project Materials to Create a Hands-On Experience in Your Classroom.


Champion Educator Presentation

Tools of the Trade(s)

Students Will:

  • Discuss how where you live can affect how you live and the problems you face.
  • Identify a problem and begin brainstorming / planning a solution
  • Discover tools of the trade(s)
  • Measure blueprint and maps and apply using scale factor
  • Choose appropriate tools, defend the solution and design a usable toolbox to solve the problem”

Counselor Podcast Champion

Elementary Counselors: Who are they and What do they do?

“Hear from five elementary school counselors and their role in schools. Counselors will discuss what their classroom guidance lessons look like, when and how often they meet with students, how they assist with behaviors, what working with teachers and parents looks like, and resources that parents can use. This episode should help clarify your understandings of their role and how they can support you, your child, and the school as a whole.”

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