Tricounty STEMersion

As a STEMersion participant, educators agree to:

  • Accept or decline the invitation by May 22, 2019.
  • Attend an orientation session that outlines the event agenda and ALL industry visits
  • Travel to industry sites during both weeks
  • Attend the curriculum development workshop on the final day of STEMersion
  • Submit a blog post about each industry visit at
  • Load the two new lessons and presentation at
  • Present the two new industry lessons to industry leaders on the final day of STEMersion
  • Complete the event evaluation and retrieve the stipend during the final day of STEMersion 
    (based on attendance during the institute)
  • Teach the two new industry knowledge/ideas in the K12 classroom
  • Share a brief summary of the lessons implemented by June 30, 2020 at
  • Participate in STEMersion follow-up sessions with industry and STEMersion planning team

Registration:  Educators, apply at the following link: Tricounty STEMersion 2019